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Director, Chartered Accountant & Owner of Multiple

Small Businesses 

Did you know that the typical small / medium-sized business owner manages about 50-70 different business activities outside of their core, income-producing activity? It's no wonder small business owners are run off their feet...

As Small Business Accountants, we commonly come across people who have started their own business for the purpose of being their own boss and escaping the 9-5 when really, they end up working more and become overwhelmed. They feel trapped!.. like they are an employee of their own business and on top of that, they experience the additional stress that comes with being an owner. 

The good news is... it doesn't have to be this way. Our business advisors have, time and time again, transformed overwhelmed business owners into savvy and smart business owners who have clarity in their figures and confidence in their decisions. 

Ask yourself: are you tired of handing over your hard-earned money, straight into the pockets of the ATO? Tired of not knowing where your business is at, how much tax to pay, or whether you're even making money? Tired of your typical DINOSAUR accountant who you only hear from once a year and provides you with zero valuable advice?

As a trusted partner, we work along side you and your business, which ever stage it is at. We help owners understand their business & tax in a simply way, which allows them to reach their goals faster." 

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Can we help with your numbers?  

Are you unsure if you're paying more tax to the ATO than you should be?

Do you know how your business is tracking financially?

Feel like your current accountant does not know the industry?

Needing a better bookkeeping system to meet the needs of your business?

Are you struggling to grow your sales & profit?

Are you looking for more advice and guidance?

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We started off with just me, one car and a receptionist, now we have 10 full-time staff, 8 cars and we service all of Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Tweed. As we started to grow, New Wave actually sat me down and talked about business figures and set up a proper structure. New Wave helped me set goals where I knew what targets we had to meet - like how many clients we had to see, and helped me understand our sales to staff ratios. "   

Owner, Generation Physio

Accounting for Small Business

We provide accounting & bookkeeping services based on the stage of your business




 Your Business

We create and provide you with a plan to set up a solid foundation for minimising tax, protecting assets and facilitating growth.



Grow & Scale your Business

Run your business like a well-oiled machine. We help you figure out the issues within your business then create business growth strategies to allow you business to grow & scale. 

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2nd Opinion

Tax Review

Already have an Accountant but want to make sure your getting the most out of it? We can help you find overpaid taxes & refunds, and show you how to keep more in your pocket. We offer a money-back guarantee that we can find you savings.

Setting Up a Small Business: 
A checklist for getting started

How should I structure my business for tax purposes? What registrations do I need for my new business, and when? Is insurance really necessary?

Directors of New Wave Group and owners of multiple small businesses, Reuben Bergola and Shaneel Pforr, sit down to speak from their own experiences and share the do's and don'ts of setting up solid foundations for a new business.

Need help setting up your business? Get in touch with us today. 

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Why New Wave?

  • I don't understand my structure;

  • I think I'm paying too much tax;

  • I never hear from my accountant;

  • I not sure how much money my business is making.

Every month we take on multiple new clients with these same concerns:

We believe that today’s client is looking for a service provides more than just tax advice.  We also believe that with the available technology such as Xero Bookkeeper and Quickbooks Accountants Gold Coast can deliver higher-value services that impact on profitability and growth instead of focusing on historical figures. The team of New Wave Accountants has designed a service that not only focuses on minimising tax but also to ensure that the business will grow and scale. Higher revenue, more profit and less tax.

Businesses that we find pay too much tax

Largest refund found for overpaid taxes

"We take a holistic approach toward each of our business clients. Our clients consistently experience more profit, improved cash flow, and less tax."

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