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We're not your typical dinosaur accountant. Over 800 entrepreneurs and business owners on the Gold Coast have started, grown & scaled their business using our outside the box Accounting, Tax, Advisory & Bookkeeping Services.

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Transforming Overwhelmed Operators Into Savvy Business Owners!

Trusted Gold Coast Accountants.

"Accounting for businesses is more than just tax (which we're awesome at) - it's about working with business owners to empower, excite and build confidence in their figures using our innovative accounting strategies.


We help owners to understand their business & tax in a simple way, which allows them to reach their goals faster!"

Reuben Bergola CA - Accountant Gold Coast


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How much is your Accountant & Bookkeeper Costing Your Business?

Imagine where you would be if your business saved an additional $10k, $20k, $50k or even $100k in Tax each year.

You can use this money to invest more in marketing, hire additional employees or simply increase your own bonus for all the hard work you've done over the years... You'd be able to lift a big weight off your shoulders in terms of being financially secure and feel like your business is finally moving forward. 

Ask yourself are you:


  • Tired of handing over your hard-earnt money, straight into the pockets of the ATO? (Yes, we agree that everyone should pay tax, but not more than they have to). 

  • Tired of not knowing where your business is at, how much tax to pay, or whether you're even making money?

  • Tired of your typical DINOSAUR accountant who you only hear from once a year and provides you with zero valuable advice?

Our team of Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors will help you ​stop the stress & anxiety of trying to guess the financial position of your business, with our 'outside the box' strategies.

These are the same strategies that:

  • Identified that a Labour Hire business overpaid $200,000+ in tax when we reviewed their last 2 years of tax returns;

  • Saved a construction business over $88,000 in Tax when they sold their business;

  • Allowed an electrical business to save rent by purchasing a commercial property through their Super;

  • Grew a Beauty salon's sales by 100-150% year on year;

  • Allowed a rapidly growing online store to forecast their cash flow and make the right decisions before it was too late.


These are just a handful of successful client stories.  We want to help you become one of them.  How much is your current accountant costing you? If the answer is "Cheap" then I can guarantee that they're not putting in the time or effort to allow you to achieve these types of results.  You may be missing out on thousands.

Are you unsure if you're paying more tax to the ATO than you should be?
Are you struggling to grow your sales & profit?
Do you know if you're business is profitable & growing?
Feel like your current accountant does not give you proactive advice?
Do you feel like you're business is always catching up with cash flow?
Are you looking for more advice and guidance?

Business Accountants & Bookkeepers

We have accounting and bookkeeping specialists in various industries.  From e-commerce to Allied health, we have strategies that we tailor to your specific business.  

Whether you’re starting from scratch, looking to increase your profits, or looking to sell, New Wave Accountants create a tailored solution for you to help reach your goals.

Contact one of our Gold Coast Accountants or Bookkeepers for a second opinion or ask about our fixed fee packages, which include unlimited phone calls and email support.

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Our clients use our simple 3 step growth system
to reach their business goals



We make sure you're setup for success. Structure & Plan the right way.



We help you grow your team & resources, minimise tax & increase profits



Improve your revenue and profit with our advisory & business mentoring. 

Your Trusted Gold Coast Accountants

New Wave Group.

Our mission is simple, to change our client's lives by helping them to reach their full potential.


We want to not only help your business grow, but also align your business wealth with your personal goals. 

Our in house teams of:


will ensure that you are protected and building wealth in and out of your business.

Ask for a COMPLIMENTARY review from our team. 


"We take a holistic approach toward each of our business clients. Our clients consistently experience more profit, improved cash flow, and less tax."

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"Minimise Tax and Increase Profits,

Now You're Speaking Our Language"


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When speaking to new clients, our Accountants find that more than 60% of small businesses have paid too much tax in their prior-year returns. If you think you have overpaid, contact us for a second opinion..



We make sure that we are 100% transparent with our fixed fee pricing.  We will provide you with a proposal prior to starting any job, and if we don't then the service is FREE of charge. 



If we cannot find a tax saving or strategy equal or more than the cost of our initial tax review then we will not charge you. 

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