A Virtual CFO provides expert advice on your businesses figures and keeps you accountable.


Planning goals and implementing budgets and forecast is the first step to business success.  What is crucial is making sure that the business stays on track.  Without someone keeping your business accountable many businesses loose discipline on making sure that the budget and forecast is at the top of their priority list.  We work with our clients to keep them accountable on a regular basis.  The result is a business owner who is motivated to ensure that their goals and targets are met.


Waiting until the end of financial year to find out that your business has poor cash flow, is running at a loss, or not growing can sometimes be a little too late. New Wave’s virtual CFO review and analyse your business on a real time basis to identify risks and potential opportunities.  The strategy is to pinpoint issues and risks before they cause any negative implications on your business. The result a business that can make the right decisions at the critical times.


Cash flow management is one of the most important factors to whether a business succeeds or fails.  If you do not plan or get this one wrong you and your business will most likely not reach its goals fast.  Cash flow is what runs your business so make sure you are working closely to manage and improve your cash flow.  We assist our clients with cash flow planning, forecasting and strategies to improve cash flow.

Our clients who have engaged New Wave’s virtual CFO services have seen profit gains of up to 300%. The biggest factor being planning and accountability. Book a consult to find out how you can benefit and grow your business.

Why New Wave?

Every week we take on new clients with the same issues:

  • I dont understand my structure;
  • I think i’m paying too much tax;
  • I never hear from my accountant;
  • I scared to call my accountant being they charge me for every call.

We believe that today’s client are looking for a solution that is more than just tax advice.  We also believe that with the available technology such as Xero and Quickbooks Online accountants can deliver higher value services that impact on profitability and growth instead of focusing on historical figures.  The team at New Wave have designed a service that not only focuses on minimising tax but also looks at the business and the owner as a whole to ensure that goals are met.

"We take a holistic approach to each client. Our clients consistently see more profit, better cash flow and less tax."