Has The Corona Virus Had an Effect On Your Business?

Assistance for your business to cope with the Coronavirus effects and how to obtain the stimulus package

We will be sending out all of the free resources today.  Unfortunately, we had technical difficulties with the recording which means that I will to film another one however it will not have the panel, but I will cover their main points. This may be released today or by Friday. If anyone was able to record the webinar please let me know because it would help a lot of people..


This morning we have again been inundated with phone calls, messages, and emails to book in for the next stages.  Now I wanted to speak about our services and how we are going to operate over the next few weeks.


Please understand that we are going to try and help as many businesses as possible, however, please be mindful that we are also a small business and need to stay afloat.  For us to continue to assist our clients and other businesses we also need to cover our overheads which is made up of our advisors and staff. 


We are not at this time trying to do this for a profit, however, if we are unable to charge for our services, we like other businesses may have to reduce our overheads and therefore have less capacity in terms of accountants and advisors.  This means not being able to help others as much as we can.  I will be restructuring our staff to focus on assisting the Covid related issues including the important stimulus package advice and cashflow preparations.


Be mindful that there a lot of other businesses are in the same situation as you, this is why we now have to put in place some measures that is fair across the board and will allow us to help as many as possible.


I do want to confirm that we are basically halving our normal rates for the Covid assistance packages which I will explain below.


Here is our recommendation of services moving forward:


  • Stimulus Planning  – As mentioned in our webinar, how much you receive from the $100k stimulus package is dependent on a case by case basis.  There is no one strategy that fits all.  Orecommendation is not to lodge your March BAS or any BAS going forward until you seek out proper advice.  This could mean the difference between $0k to $100k in funding.  We will be providing a Stimulus Maximiser Planning package which includes us going through your figures, making sure that it is not only maximized properly but is also above board and sitting down with you for 30 Min on how to implement this. Its important to understand that this first payment is not a cashback, therefore do not rush into this! If you have already paid or had the tax planning service then this will be included as part of that. If not please see our pricing below.

  • Cashflow Projections – The second and probably more crucial aspect right now for any small business is your cashflow.  I cannot stress enough how important this is. I recently sat down with a client with over 100 staff just last Sunday.  They were under the impression that everything would be fine for the next 6-12 months however after doing a detailed cash flow projection including the effects of Corona it was roughly only 2 months.  What we did from here was identify how to maximize their cash flow through several strategies that which has now allowed given the business not only several months on top of the forecast but also piece of mind. If you cannot do this yourself, please reach out and book in this meeting with our team.  It will take us 4-5 hours to prepare the projection and one of our advisors can go through this with you and strategize a plan on a 30-minute web meeting.  This is something that either you or we have to do as soon as possible to identify the cash peaks and trough. If you are on our advisory packages from 01 April onwards then we will be contacting to sit down and go through this meeting immediately.  Otherwise please refer to our discounted pricing below

  • 30 Min to 1-hour Consult – We will also be offering 30 minute or 1 hour consults to anyone that is looking to ask questions or needs advice.  Discounted pricing again below.


I understand that many of you have dealt with myself, however, I am at near full capacity at this stage with influx or requests, Callum, Shaneel, and Patrick, and our other advisors will be available to assist.


My recommendation is to book in now as we are quickly filling up.  I am also going to see if we can increase our capacity with additional staff (again the fees we charge will assist us and other businesses).


Pricing –


As mentioned above, we are not trying to make a profit here, but we are a small business and need to cover costs. Please see our discounted pricing model below.


  • ·       30 Minute General Advice Web Meeting - $50+GST

  • ·       1 Hour General Advice Web Meeting - $100+GST

  • ·       Stimulus Maximiser Package & 30 Min Web Meeting - $400+GST

  • ·       Cashflow Projection and Planning & 30 Min Web Meeting - $600+GST

  • ·       Stimulus Maximise + Cashflow Projection and Planning + 30 Min Web Meeting - $900+GST

  • ·       **we will charge $50+GST for every 30 minutes of meeting time thereafter


For those that are on an advisory package from 01 April 2020, you will get the Projection as an inclusion.


For those that have already paid or booked for Taxation Planning, you will receive the Stimulus Maximiser as an inclusion.


To book in please email admin@new-wave.com.au or call 0755041999. 


Kind Regards

Reuben Bergola

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