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Why and How to Find an Accountant for Your eCommerce Business

Selling online is one of the most profitable and powerful venues for any entrepreneur. After all, eCommerce makes your business available to more people, including those from other locations and timezones. By merely typing and clicking on their keyboards, potential customers can search for and find your online store from the comfort of their own homes.

Aside from expanding your reach, an online presence helps to reduce your business operating costs and, in return, increase your profits. Given the right techniques and marketing strategies, you can have a successful online business.

How to Grow Your Online Business With eCommerce Accountants

One crucial aspect of any successful business is having the right people to guide you through it. Cash tends to move quicker in the online world, so you need the guidance of a money expert. Whether you have a brick and mortar shop or an online store, you need to have a professional accountant to help you oversee your financial situation and make sure you’re turning a profit. Aside from minimizing risk, a good accountant can save you time and money.

However, you should know that an eCommerce accountant's skills are not the same as regular accountants. If you have an online business, you must find eCommerce business accountants to help you navigate the different aspects of an online business.

With an eCommerce site, you are more likely to deal with foreign transactions with different aspects that regular accounting courses in school would not prepare them for. Your accountant needs to know where they can find transactional information online. They should have in-depth knowledge of inventory and COGS (cost of goods sold). They should also be familiar with the sales tax for online sales and how they can reduce the costs for foreign transactions. A typical business accountant may not have encountered or practised any of these mentioned categories. While they can learn, an experienced eCommerce accountant can contribute better to your business' growth.

Finding a person who has expertise in the field can give you better insights to guide your business's next steps.

How to Find the Right eCommerce Accountant

Here are some helpful tips on how to find the right one for your business:

  • Make sure that they are knowledgeable and can comfortably navigate the internet.

  • Check their qualifications and certifications. Make sure that they are legitimate accountants offering legal services. If you prefer them to use specific accounting software, make sure that they are also certified to use the program.

  • Check their accounting experience too. Everyone from your options has a background in accounting, but you need to find someone who has experience in a similar field as your business. It is also advantageous for them to have an eCommerce background and know how to use your chosen sales platform.

  • Do not forget to look into the services they offer. Make sure that what they would give you includes everything you need. It would be more convenient to find someone who has every service you need for your business.


Remember that you are paying your accountant not only for their accounting services. You are also paying for their expert and active participation in giving you business advice, specifically on how you can make your business more profitable and how to keep it afloat. Make sure that you would entrust your business to someone who would take it seriously as you would.

New Wave Accounting is your reliable small business accountant in the Gold Coast. We are a team of accountants dedicated to not only deal with the accounting and bookkeeping aspects of your business. We also strive to help our clients grow and scale their businesses through our offered services. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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