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6 Easy Ways to Scale Your Handmade Product Business

Growing a business can be difficult, especially if you have started finding your footing. You need to expand your company in order to focus more on specific processes.

This will help improve the quality of your handmade products and lessen the burden of production on you.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when scaling your handmade product business.

1) Create a Schedule for Production

One key ingredient to scaling your handmade product business is creating a schedule for production. You will not be able to expand your company without creating a schedule for production.

If you are the sole source of production for your handmade products, this might seem impossible.

2) Identify the Needed Roles in Your Team

Now that you have identified the tasks involved in the production of your handmade products, you need to identify the skills required in order to execute the tasks. While you might be the main source of production, you do not need to be the main employee for every role.

You can hire a team in order to fill these roles, or you can outsource activities to small businesses. You will also need help with creating shipping and packaging.

3) Set Aside a Budget

Since creating a schedule for production is so integral to scaling your handmade product business, you will need to set aside a budget to pay your team and help you get started. If you do not have the funds to invest in employees and a schedule, you will not be able to grow your company.

Determine the cost of hiring a team, and set aside a budget for the upcoming year.

4) Consider Hiring a Marketing Team

Marketing is often overlooked as an important production task. If you are looking to expand your company and increase the quality of your handmade products, you need to do both within the response time of your customers.

You can do this by hiring a marketing team. You can decide to handle marketing on your own with the help of some experts or simply hire a marketing team to handle the operation for you.

5) Ask for Referrals

You might be the best in your craft, but if you do not have a larger base of customers, you will find it difficult to scale your handmade product company. The best way to expand your company is by asking for referrals from your current customers.

Nearly every business or organization wants to stay in touch with their past customers, and there is no reason why you cannot use them to gain new customers.

6) Conduct Some Interviews

You might be able to use some of the tools mentioned above to help you scale your handmade product business. However, if you plan on scaling your business without a team, you will need to take matters into your own hands.

If you are not the best at handling marketing, you can easily conduct a few interviews. Conducting interviews will help you identify all of the key components of your company and how you can expand it.


If you are looking to expand your handmade product company, you need to look at scaling your business. You will not be able to produce high-quality products or reach a larger audience without creating a schedule for your production.

Stay on top of your budget as you scale your business. With the best accountants in Gold Coast by your side, you can rest easy as you expand your handmade product business. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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