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Utilising Xero for Improved Accounting for Small Businesses

With the everchanging world of technology having an increasing impact on everyone’s lives, those looking to thrive in the new markets have to become savvier with tech. On a daily basis, an average worker spends over an hour on the commute to and from work or making their way to meetings around the metropolitan area. With this time not being utilised, it becomes a waste of time that could be spent working on something simple.

That’s where Xero comes in. Operating using cloud-based services, this time spent on the travel to work can be used to manage finances for small enterprises using the app. Compared to traditional accounting software, Xero sports a modern, easy-to-use user interface that makes managing cash flows and business statistics simple and doable on the go.

Take Your Business From Xero to Hero

Traditional accounting software and know-how were usually reserved for an accountant handling a single computer that had all the data. With everything going online, cloud storage systems have been a viable way to access all kinds of data from anywhere you may be. With Xero, it provides tools using the app that allows you to work with accountants as well as provides the knowledge needed to further grow your business.

The best part about financial information being stored in the ether is that you no longer need to be tied to the constraints of the office. Being able to access data no matter where you are as long as you have a digital device on you is an invaluable tool. Additionally, Xero updates its software automatically, which also links changes to tax regulations with it.

What Xero Can Do To Expand Your Enterprise

Asides from expediting online procedures through cloud storage, one of the most important facets that Xero contains is the ability to automate otherwise complicated and slow processes. This saves time in entering data, which works through linking the app with the bank account of your small enterprise to assist cashflow efficiency with real-time analytics on financial health.

Xero can also negate the need for paper invoices, which are often lost in transfers or filing, by sending them through emails straight to clients. The app also gives a great overview of transactions made, bank balances, as well as a supplementary option of scanning invoices and receipts using a smartphone. You may even provide your employees with access to your business’ account on Xero for better understanding and double-checking on finances. The app also works with online payment apps such as PayPal, Stripe, and GoCardless to fully digitize your business.

With real-time reports easily produced and accessible by users of Xero, it can generate accurate standings of your business venture’s financial position. If you are looking for a seamless way to pull out a cash flow statement or view profits and losses, you may want to look into Xero’s services.


What once was a complicated world of numbers that had to be physically handled and manually calculated is now an easy task thanks to the wonders of technology. The way the job market has evolved has made working from home possible, and in some cases even more productive and profitable. When the right tools are being implemented, the toughest processes may be simplified.

Handling money is a complicated process, and many of these processes are stone-age and outdated. Here at New Wave Accounting, we offer the modern-day accounting services on the Gold Coast through innovative technologies and solutions. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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