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5 Trends That E-Commerce Sellers Should Watch For in 2022

E-commerce has continued to see dramatic changes in the face of global digitisation and a pandemic that completely rerouted how businesses work.

Various aspects of running a business online will continue to see changes in the coming year. Make sure you don't get left behind by prepping for 2022's e-commerce trends.

1. Mobile Shopping Will Continue to Dominate a Large Market

Online shopping continues to be a viable way to shop, especially after many brick-and-mortar shops saw closures and limitations due to the pandemic that continued to develop in the past year.

This year, mobile internet is expected to increase at a larger rate, while desktop internet use is seeing a minor decline. With this in mind, e-commerce sellers will have to make sure they are catering to the mobile audience. Mobile optimisation for websites and apps will be the pull necessary to get a leg up on the competition.

2. Mindful Consumerism Will Affect Branding

Consumers are becoming more mindful of their spending and the impact of their buying habits on the world. This trend will continue to grow in the coming years, so there's no reason for e-commerce bodies to stall with their branding.

Hop on the train with socially and environmentally conscious messaging, and back this up with actions and packaging that can show consumers you walk the talk. It's a fine line between relating to consumer priorities versus coming off as a fake corporate ploy.

3. Social Media Will Be Even More Vital for Brand Reputation

As e-commerce grows, social media will continue to be a valuable asset for brands. Consumers today are more likely to learn about products and other cultural information from social media than any other source.

You want to hit the user's feed and actually capture their attention to click on your content. With a constant bombardment of media, e-commerce sellers will have to create tangible connections with their audience via socials in order to cut above the noise.

4. Digital Marketing Will Continue to Be a Significant Investment

The fact is that digital marketing has become a highly saturated industry. This is what makes it so important to employ the right tactics that work for your exact brand and demographic.

In a time when business accounting has become so crucial because of economic restraints, it's important to invest in a campaign that will actually have quantifiable performance indicators and a return on investment.

5. Consumers Are Loving Local

While e-commerce sellers are still trying to figure out how to scale their businesses and work across regions, consumers are taking it upon themselves to use the internet to find the best products and services in their area.

Local e-commerce can be a profitable segment of the market, especially if you can cut through the noise and optimise your listing for local customers. A key to this is developing a localised search strategy that can target their specific needs in your area.


E-commerce is highly competitive and will be even more so as new technologies change the game in the coming year. Businesses and individual sellers alike will have to reshape their accounting, strategy, and execution in order to keep up.

Make use of accounting services that can empower small businesses in the post-pandemic age of digitisation. At New Wave Accounting, we provide you with end-to-end services that can help you scale your business with the help of an expert accountant on the Gold Coast.

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