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The Top Soft Skills That Every Accountant Should Have

All businesses will require an accountant to work on their bookkeeping and finances. However, if you have never worked with an accountant before, you may be unsure what skills you need to seek.

When hiring accountants, you need to look out for both technical and soft skills. A balance of both will allow you to work with the perfect accountant.

The Technical Skills

Technical skills are very vital when it comes to accountants. For those who aren’t too knowledgeable about what accountants should be good at, below is a list of the most basic technical skills they should possess.

1. Knowledge of Accounting Principles

To keep up with the latest accounting principles and techniques, accountants will have to keep learning as much as they can. They need to have proper knowledge of the accounting principles and practices to ensure that they can help their businesses to be as efficient as possible.

2. Proficiency in Accounting Software

Software like QuickBooks, Sage and Xero can help accountants manage their clients’ businesses more efficiently. Many accountants will need to learn about accounting software to be able to use it for their clients. Ensure that when you are hiring an accountant, they are not only aware of the basics of these various software but also highly proficient.

3. Data Analysing Skills

Accountants need to be able to read large amounts of data and work on them to figure out the important bits. The data they will have to work on may be in spreadsheets or manual documents. Whatever it is, they will have to be able to analyse the data efficiently to give helpful information to their clients.

The Soft Skills

While technical skills are vital for accountants, soft skills are also necessary. Make sure to emphasise the following soft skills when hiring an accountant:

1. Excellent Communication Skills

One of the most critical skills for accounting and finance professionals is written and oral communication. This is because they will be working with others as teams or partners. Being able to communicate clearly with them through writing and verbal modes will help avoid misunderstandings.

Accountants also need to be able to communicate very well to explain the information they give to their clients in a clear manner.

2. Good Organizational Skills

Accountants need to be able to use their time efficiently to get as much work done as possible. They also need to keep track of their work without falling behind. Organisational skills are vital for accountants as the lack of these skills can lead to increased stress levels, affecting their work performance.

3. Problem-Solving Skills

Accountants have to be able to solve problems that they encounter. They need to be able to think of solutions to problems and make them work. Accountants will encounter many difficulties in businesses, including dealing with clients, finances and even other people. Having problem-solving skills can help them develop the most efficient solutions that could save your business from additional costs and wasted resources.


When hiring an accountant, look out for the right balance of technical and soft skills. Technical skills are critical as they can help your business to run as smoothly as possible, but you also need to look for accountants with the right soft skills because it makes them more well-rounded.

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