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Performance Review: Measuring a Small Business's Success

Updated: May 24, 2021

You must determine your business's long-term goals so that you can set short-term markers for success. Doing so enables you to see if your operation is doing well, worse or just barely hanging on. However, it can be challenging for a young company to have enough history to track its progression. Thankfully, there are several ways to measure your business's progression as it climbs closer to reach your long-term goals.

How to measure your small business's performance

The market's behaviour can be unpredictable, but that shouldn't stop you from setting standard practices for running your business. Besides maintaining your revenue stream, you must also develop ways to track your progress and measure your company's efficiency.

In this article, we'll share three ways to measure your small business's progress.

1. Compile your financial statements

A simple way to measure any business's progress is through your cash flows. This includes not just your income but also other financial payments like payroll expenses and overhead costs. Your income statement will dictate home many inflows you're receiving in your account. You should use these figures and compare them with your balance sheet, compiling your list of assets and how it relates to your outflows. Finally, your cash flow statement will represent your actual revenue through the liquidity of your profits.

2. Monitor your customer conversions

A business's growth doesn't always depend on your cash flows. Sometimes, your conversions will have a greater impact on your company's greater potential. If more people beyond your existing client base are subscribing to your service, it could be a sign that you can scale up your business. A more extensive customer base gives your more opportunity to increase the output of your business to match its growing demand.

Consider what campaign and marketing moves lead to a higher conversion rate. Business actions like releasing new products or reinforcing your online visibility can affect how appealing your brand leads to conversion. Closely monitor these data so that you can make a reliable model for continual customer conversions in your sales funnels.

3. Listen to customer feedback

Besides the quantitative numbers your company is generating, you should also learn to listen to your qualitative data. Although some reviews use numbers and star ratings, customers may also leave valuable points for consideration in their feedback. Remember that your products and services should always appeal to your demographic. This means that negative views on your product also reflect poorly on your brand.

Consumers love a brand that knows how to listen to its audience. If you want to improve your branding online, you should learn to read these critical comments and know how to use them for your company's growth. Learn to stay humble and polite when addressing these criticisms and eliminate future feedback by listening and adapting to these reviews and testimonials.


Monitoring your business while simultaneously developing plans to scale up your operation can be challenging to multi-task. At best, you'll only have minimal growth while remaining consistent. At worst, you could overwork yourself on both ends, causing inaccuracies and inefficiencies with your business model. Thankfully, you can partner with capable accounting firms to receive an accurate assessment of your business's progress. Besides evaluating your company's performance, they can also project your sales figures to prepare you for internal changes and adjustments you'll need to implement.

At New Wave Accounting, we make tracking your business's access easy through our modern accounting strategies. This lets you focus on developing your business model and collaborating on strategies with our accounting experts. If you want to hire the best accountants in the Gold Coast, contact our team today!

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