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Modern Day Evolutionary Trends in the World of Accountancy

As the world of technology continues to develop at a rampant rate, the entire world will adjust to these changes. One of the industries that are affected greatly by technological advancements is accounting. The evolution of bookkeeping continues to develop in 2020, with new programs and services being offered by companies who specialize in accounting. Bearing this in mind, here are some predictions on workplace evolution trends for accountants this year:

There will be an increased reliance on technology and AI

There is no doubt that there are thousands of businesses already shifted to the online world, as they subscribe to the services of cloud-based storage, work communication platforms, and new-age digital marketing techniques. As new programs and applications surface that makes accounting much easier for larger scale companies, there are sure to be more and more business owners relying on technology.

Not only are solid technologies getting more and more exposure, but the rise of AI is also quite interesting to follow. Artificial intelligence has been found to learn from trends and data much faster than humans, along with fewer errors that are possible. When companies utilize AI for their business procedures, especially when dealing with money, they will have fewer risks of errors and better efficiency.

There will be a shift towards intensive planning and advisory

As technology advances automation, accountants are becoming more like business advisors rather than actual data processors. This is because as technology replaces the need for manual computing processes, those handling the data are going to be more versed in predicting trends and improving efficiency.

When bookkeepers are savants at their programs and data reading, their services will be more in demand to know how the money will be better managed for a company. This will also mean that the market for accountants will be more cutthroat, as they will need to pick up with the trends and become more efficient at utilizing technology.

There will need to be a balance found in conducting business

Small enterprises have to support their small enterprise counterparts, which is where accountants will need to assist them with as they move towards consultancy services. When faced with a number of clients, it would now be impossible to provide your services to all, so conducting business will have to become specialized.

This entails finding clients and building a web that is healthy and one that has working relationships with one another.

The workplace and the work pace is changing

When it comes to human resource management, flexibility is the word being thrown around nowadays. This will create a dominant company when an enterprise is able to find their ways around adverse situations and is able to manage the development of the company regardless of its direction.

Aspects such as hiring staff, work hours, and workload, as well as the demanding requirements of the dog-eat-dog market, are things that new businesses have to consider. There must be a new focus on what your company can offer to employees that is beyond a good salary. Workers are considering their benefits to be received, as well as the flexibility of the company’s structure and so many other considerations.


With the ever-changing business environment due to the development of technological infrastructure, all sorts of jobs and services will have to adjust. With so many services being automated because of AI, workers need to consider sharpening other skills and being prepared for a technological revolution.

When it comes to small business accountancy services, New Wave offers cutting-edge services that are readily available to ease the burden of finance-related problems of your company. Get in touch with us today for better growth and assistance.

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