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How You Can Financially Operate a Profitable Hair Salon

Having a hair salon is such a profitable business. As people’s hair grows, it’s inevitable for them to get their hair trimmed and groomed regularly to maintain their appearance. Aside from this, the fashion industry over the years has compelled people to spruce up their looks and overall image through proper hair styling. This is all the more apparent among women who want to take their crowning glory up a notch!

If you’re into hair aesthetics, nothing can be more fulfilling than owning a hair salon. All it takes is to look for a perfect location, invest in cutting tools and equipment, purchase hair products, and hire trained and certified hairstylists. At the same time, a far more important factor to consider is in dealing with your salon’s finances.

In this article, we will share five practical tips on how to manage your finances and make your hair salon more profitable:

1. Set business goals and financial projections

As with any business pursuit, establishing goals will set your salon in the right footing and lead it in the right direction. Start by asking yourself what you want to achieve for your business. The chances are that you want to be the go-to salon in your area and eventually expand over time to reach a bigger audience. While you’re at it, be sure to assess your current financial status, track your income, and set a financial projection for the future. When it comes to your finances, planning ahead makes all the difference.

2. Monitor your profits and track your expenditures

After your salon is up and running, it’s crucial to track the cash flow of your business. This entails recording what comes into your financial account and monitoring what goes out. For incoming finances, check to see how much you’re earning on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. On the other hand, consider all your expenditures, such as rental payment, employee salary, product supply purchase, operational costs, and other miscellaneous expenses. Ultimately, your financial goal is to earn more than what your business spends.

3. Check your financial statements and analyse your finances

Keep in mind that it’s crucial to generate financial statements for your hair salon. While you’re at it, be sure to analyse every financial transaction—from your daily income down to the smallest expenses. With all the recorded financial transactions, you’ll have a better understanding of your business’ financial health in the long run. This information is also very instrumental in helping you make wise decisions to further augment your profitability.

4. Take advantage of accounting tools and technology

Some salon owners neglect proper bookkeeping and accounting, thinking that they are a daunting task. This is where accounting software and apps come into the picture. But what are they? These technological solutions will make your life much easier in recording and tracking your salon’s finances. All it takes is to input the numbers, and the software will do the job for you in crunching the numbers.

5. Prepare for dormant seasons

As a business owner, know that it’s not always a smooth journey because you’ll have to save up for the rainy days as well! To do this, you must check what days, months, and certain times of the year are dormant, meaning that mostly likely there will be fewer customers coming. Once determined, be sure to prepare for what lies ahead to keep your salon running all year round!


At this point, you now know how to manage your finances and earn more profits for your hair salon. As recommended above, be sure to set business goals and financial projections, monitor your profits and track your expenditures, check your financial statements and analyse your finances, take advantage of accounting tools and technology, and prepare for dormant seasons. With all these in place, you’ll set your finances on the right track and make your hair salon business as profitable as possible!

Are you looking to boost your salon financially? Let our accountants help you out! We’re an accounting firm on the Gold Coast offering end-to-end accounting and bookkeeping services to scale and help businesses grow. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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