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Hiring the Best Ecommerce Accountant for Your Business

Any business owner understands how difficult it is to manage eCommerce accounts. They have to deal with sales tax, inventory, integrating several channels, and all of their immediate impact on financials. Fortunately, business owners and sellers can seek the services of professional accountants who can provide outstanding support and expertise in this area.

While they might seem like an added expense, it is critical to work with eCommerce accountants and we’re about to discuss why. Read on to discover what you must know about hiring the best eCommerce accountant for your business.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional

Initially, the vast majority of eCommerce business owners can manage their accounts on their own. It's typically the cheaper alternative and a terrific method to learn about (and remain current on) your company. However, to grow your business, you must collaborate with a qualified eCommerce accountant. After all, it might be difficult to comply with many sales tax duties, especially since different regions have their own taxation policies.

Your choice of an accountant will be influenced by a variety of things. The first concern is if you earn enough money to hire help. When your business generates enough money and reaches a significant milestone, you should start looking for an eCommerce to handle the finances before your company gets too big.

Making the Ideal Choice

Once you've determined that you need the services of an accountant, the next step is to find one you'll enjoy working with. Additionally, you must also choose between a generalist and an eCommerce accountant.

While generalist accountants are fine in most cases, eCommerce is a completely different beast. Whether you agree or disagree, here is a checklist for eCommerce accountants:

Expertise in Worldwide Taxation

As your business grows worldwide, you will deal with the collection of taxes on a global scale. Whatever your foreign tax requirements are, your accountant must know when and how to file your tax returns confidently on your behalf.

Knowledge and Abilities

A specialist will have eCommerce experience, understand the stages of an eCommerce business's life cycle, and be qualified. Working with a certified public accountant entails conforming to their standards and practices since you want to trust them.

Modern Approaches

As an eCommerce company, you want someone who is as comfortable working online as you are — someone who is knowledgeable with cloud-based software and apps.

An eCommerce accountant will be familiar with these tools and advise you on which ones work best for your company.

Goals and Priorities

Good accountants are interested in supporting you in growing your business, not just cleaning up your records and filing your taxes on time. As such, they help to make back-office activities improved and automated, allowing you to make better financial business decisions. Additionally, they should also be able to adapt quickly to change and navigate steep learning curves, as the ever-evolving eCommerce industry needs.

Service Fees

The accounting sector has developed and shifted, much like eCommerce. Aside from the increase in the number of skilled accountants, one notable trend is the adoption of 'value pricing.' Instead of charging by the hour, you may come across an accountant who charges a flat weekly fee. You may simply decide which arrangement is best for you and your prospective accountant.

What to Do First

The majority of eCommerce businesses value the flexibility to delegate account management. However, determining when, who, and where to find the best expert is a challenge. A good way to begin is to have open communication with your future accountant so that you can start off with the right foot.


The accountant you will choose to work with must have years of expertise and are all-around great to collaborate with. They must also be eager to discuss your business, its future, and whether they are a good fit for you. Remember not to settle without these characteristics about them.

For hiring the best accountant on the Gold Coast, New Wave Accounting provides end-to-end accounting and bookkeeping services that help scale and grow businesses. We make sure to understand your industry to create tailored solutions for your needs. Contact us today and take your business to the next level!

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