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How E-invoicing Makes Your Financial Processes Easier

The vast majority of Australian businesses uses invoices to send or collect payments. On the other hand, E-invoicing is the most recent government program aimed at increasing digitalisation by giving a new tool for small firms to streamline operations.

E-invoicing is a more convenient, faster, and secure method of exchanging invoices with other businesses. Likewise, when paper or PDF invoices are replaced, businesses can save up to $20 for each invoice. 89% of small businesses in Australia still manually process paper or PDF invoices with the help of their bookkeepers.

We are aware that many small businesses are currently experiencing challenges adapting to the fast-paced industry, but rather than backing down, now is the moment to register so that you can jump right in when it becomes generally available.

With more corporate enterprises and government agencies embracing electronic invoicing, now is the time to educate yourself.

Understanding E-invoicing

E-invoicing is a new way for Australian small businesses to issue and receive invoices. Accounting software or a word processor is used to prepare invoices, subsequently sent by unsecured email or printed and posted.

Before payment, businesses or their advisers manually enter data into their systems or use automation solutions such as HubdocOn on the other hand, electronic invoicing allows firms to send invoices directly between accounting systems, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

The Benefits of Using E-invoicing

E-invoicing should make it easier for small business owners and bookkeepers to manage invoices and bills. Because the vast majority of small firms trade, the consequences will be seen almost immediately.

Businesses who do business with larger enterprises or government agencies will find it easier to make payments. The following are some additional benefits:

  • Time-saving: The fact that they are pre-populated and ready for approval makes it easier to pay bills. Administrators save time by reducing the need for manual data extraction. Several government entities have already stated their intention to expedite payments.

  • Minimised Errors: Reduced human participation lowers the possibility of errors and invoices being lost in transit.

  • Streamlined Process: Using standard fields, all data is sent from machine to machine. The likelihood of a human error or something going wrong is lowered by reducing the number of hands that touch money.

  • Enhanced Protective Measures: Because invoices are transferred electronically, and without human participation, there is less chance of fraud. This ensures that the correct invoice is delivered to the relevant customer.

  • Financial Visibility: You can better know your cash flow by sending and receiving electronic invoices. With a single ledger, you can track your company's performance at any moment in time and make educated decisions.

Signing Up and Using E-invoicing Today

E-invoicing is a type of electronic invoicing that is similar to email. To function, it requires a provider and an internet connection. You will use your ABN instead of an email address. Because electronic invoicing is new, you must wait for other businesses to join the Peppol network before sending or receiving invoices.

Each company that joins the network brings you one step closer to reaping the benefits of electronic invoicing. After your suppliers have agreed, you may relax and wait for your invoices.

E-invoicing for Government Firms

Australian firms can begin engaging with government authorities right away. Specific Australian government organisations have pledged to settle invoices within five days, reducing the current average of 23.3 days.

Meanwhile, federal government agencies with the highest budgets can already receive bills electronically (those with lower budgets must do so by July 1, 2022). In contrast, New South Wales government agencies must do so by January 1, 2022. As a result, find out if your government clients accept e-invoices.


Keeping up with the rising digital age may seem daunting at first, but know that these new and improved systems are built to improve your business processes. The new and improved way of handling your finances is e-invoicing, as this will allow you to streamline, assess, and review your statements quickly. So, don’t hesitate to take the leap—get on the trend now so you won’t be left behind!

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