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How to Deal with the Current Construction Industry Struggles

COVID-19 continues to present challenges for the construction sector in Australia. While things are only gradually becoming normal, struggles are still present. For people in the construction business, it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain the resources needed to complete projects on time and within budget.

If you plan to start a construction company or are currently managing one, you might also experience similar problems. Here are some of the current struggles experienced by the construction industry in Australia and how to deal with them.

1. High-Priced Materials

The cost of materials significantly changed over the past years. In some cases, the cost doubled or tripled. That makes it really hard for construction firms to deal with abrupt price changes. It also makes things hard for contractors who have to deal with high-priced materials for their projects.

What you can do is hire someone who will keep an eye on the forecast changes in material prices. You should have someone who knows how to make comparisons to help you assess which supplier can help you get the best price.

2. Low Number of Skilled Labour

Australia's construction industry may have many opportunities, but skilled labourers are hard to come by. The authorities do not train more people who will do construction work in the future. That makes it hard for contractors to find the workers they need.

This is bad news for contractors, and finding the workers needed to complete projects will be more challenging. You can be more creative in dealing with the shortage of skilled labour. For example, you can use automation to help you. It can also help reduce the labour costs for your business.

3. Profit Margins Become Too Low

In the past, the construction industry in Australia is a very profitable business venture. However, things are still not the same as before. Opportunities are shrinking, and profit margins are getting smaller. Many contractors have to deal with more struggles.

To deal with this, you can find out what is causing your drop in profit margins. You can also ask your accountant to help you figure out why your business is not doing as well as you hoped.

4. Unstable Cash Flow

Australia's construction industry is unlike in the past when you could get a steady cash flow. This unstable cash flow is tough to fix, and you can't just wait for it to get better. You have to take action right away.

You can list your business tasks and identify where your cash flow is going wrong. You can also ask your accountant to help you deal with these issues.


These are some of the current struggles experienced by the construction industry in Australia. The market changes, so you must change your business strategies to survive. If you want to expand your business successfully, you should be ready to face the challenges.

Be prepared to face this new reality. And take action to get the help you need to make your business survive! Hiring a dedicated accountant who can help stabilise your business during these trying times would be a good strategy.

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