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Casual Labour Employment for Your Small Scale Business - What to Know

Your business operations, in the long run, will require you to come up with effective plans to attain the necessary labour requirements. An organisation may opt to hire short-term workers for their business if the production or sales call for it, which could vary per season. For instance, short-term workers are primarily sought after in agricultural industries, as business requirements operate mostly in volatile climates.

If the labour requirement in an organisation is necessary to thrive in volatile climates, Australia in general stands in a preferable operating structure that could frequently demand for casual labour employment arrangements, all in favour of ensuring that businesses run smoothly. Should you choose to hire short-term workers for your operations, here are some things you should consider:

The Benefits of Advance Incentives Appraisal

The Australian government has called for the labour forces to help managers overcome business operations during volatile climates. The rights of short-term employees, however, should be treated with the utmost importance. This is where the advance incentives appraisal follows suit, as employers are encouraged to rightfully treat even short-term workers with fairness. According to the Department of Employment, short-term workers are entitled to the advanced incentives appraisal, which is necessary especially in the horticultural industry, where farmers need extra labour force during the harvest seasons. Those entitled to the appraisal are given a choice to either work domestically or relocate. Moreover, should they choose to relocate, they are entitled to receive living expenses and travel allowances, especially if their workplace is 120 kilometres away from their respective homes. These appraisals are usually given to workers covering labours of selecting and wrapping nuts, fruits, and other crops produced by the horticultural industry.

Your Obligations as an Employer

Employers across Australia should assist job seekers in acquiring employment in their respective regions, and all efforts and accounts brought about by the appraisal have significantly helped in the last few years. According to data by the Australian Government, however, employers should still practice caution, especially when recruiting labourers outside of their regions, as the workforce can be readily available for sourcing locally. Doing so will greatly reduce costs and local job seekers will be given the opportunity to stay in their respective hometowns.

Employers are also expected to grant employees cooperative and safe environments for work, as well as all necessary welfare requirements. Short-term workers, on the other hand, are entitled to receive the same amount of benefits that long-term employees have access to. As such, financial prospects should be carefully evaluated, such as compliance with payroll tax laws.

Your Role in Assisting with All Logistical Aspects of Employment

Although the convenience cannot be denied, obstacles that come with hiring short-term employees will arise. There are expenses you need to stay on top of, such as wages, insurance, taxes, and other costs that ensure compliance with the labour code. As such, proper financial allocation and organisation are necessary, and a business accountant should always be present. Doing so will protect not only your employees, but also your business operations.


Operating a small scale business can be tough, and especially so when dealing with taxes and other compliances. Should you look into hiring short-term employees for the success of your business, ensure that you remember your obligations as an employer, along with your obligations as a citizen of Australia.

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