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Building a Thriving Business: 3 Reasons Why Startups Fail

Contrary to popular belief, building an entrepreneurship from scratch isn't the most challenging part about being a business owner. The harder part lies in sustaining a company from a startup into a full-fledged enterprise.

Many businesses don't achieve the success it needs to have a long life span and can crash within the first 3 years. This is why building a thriving business is a lot about running a tight and coordinated ship.

How startups can fall from grace

A startup can easily fall from its winning streak if it runs into internal issues. This is why it's necessary to familiarise yourself with these dilemmas before it happens to your business.

If you want to prevent the downfall of your business, here are three disasters you should avoid:

1. Poor management of internal infrastructures

A manager must stay on top of all the aspects of a business, from overseeing marketing strategies and employee training. A company without a capable leader can quickly fall off even if it has a promising future ahead. Starting your business with a small group of trusted collaborators shouldn't be too difficult. If you're already jumping through obstacles on this first step, then running a business might not be for you.

Managing a company can be challenging if you don't have any previous experience in a similar position. Managers need to handle everything from keeping a consistent payroll to organising a business's logistics. Startups that want to expand at a fast rate can often run into issues with inefficient management. This comes from the inability to handle a larger team or the inexperience of responding to your customers' demands.

2. Improper responses to growth and demand

Maintaining a company's positive revenue is the first step to expansion. However, not all business owners know what direction will benefit their entrepreneurship the most. Even if you have an active and growing customer base, it doesn't mean much if you can't maintain it. This is why you should know how to manage your company's supply with your customers' demand.

You must make accurate and data-driven decisions that will benefit your company in the long term. For example, some business owners tend to overestimate their product demand. This leads to a larger team, which results in higher payroll upkeep but not enough revenue to sustain it.

3. Mismanaging financials

A fundamental principle of running a business is maintaining the balance of your cash flows’ inflows and outflows. Simply put, your outflows must not exceed your inflows so that your business can generate income. However, mismanagement of your financials can lead to heavier outflows in your business's expenses.

Every decision you make will cost resources, whether in the form of time or money. A wrong investment is lost capital, which adds to your business's inability to handle its cash flow situation. Anything from your office rent to paying your suppliers' fees will add to your outflows, which is why you should be familiar with the value of these expenses.

Companies that fail to track and project their outflows and inflows will be unable to make a trajectory of their business's future. Proper bookkeeping is necessary to ensure that you don't run your business to the ground with debt.


Your business's success relies on how well you can maintain stability and plan for growth. This is why it's essential to develop business practices that counteract the workplace disasters above. Although you don't have a full-fledged enterprise's capacity in staff and departments, outsourcing your business’s different functions to B2B firms can reduce your workload. It allows you to focus on your business's future while your business partners help you in handling the present.

If you're having issues managing your business, you should hire the best accountants in Gold Coast at New Wave Accounting. Our professional accountants are experts at servicing small business owners who want to become full-fledged enterprises. Contact us today to receive business advisory services to keep your company on track towards success!

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