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Consider These Bookkeeping Systems for Your Small Business

Small company owners benefit from accounting software because it makes it easier to manage their accounts receivable and payable, track their profitability, and prepare for tax time. Regarding accounting software, a small business can make do with off-the-shelf solutions.

To keep track of accounting-related data and expenses, various types of accounting technology, such as automation and bookkeeping software, rely on multiple procedures. To use them effectively, you need to know how these systems work and if they fit in with your current business model.

Invoicing and Payroll Systems

A company's performance may be measured by its ability to maintain accurate financial records.

This information helps make overall strategic decisions and establish a starting point for setting sales and profit goals. As a result, once a firm is up and running, it is essential to commit more time and money to maintain reliable records.

Using a Single-Entry Accounting Method

Using single-entry accounting, you can only record a transaction in either an income or expenditure account. A cash book is an example of this kind of bookkeeping.

A transaction must be recorded into two or more ledger accounts utilising journals as debits and credits, and the totals must balance. This is the polar opposite of double-entry accounting.

It's a terrific way for small companies and startups to maintain track of their money and budget. As a result, company owners seldom have to rely on outside help to stay on top of things. Both the manual process and the use of an Excel spreadsheet are acceptable.

Although it cannot manage assets and liabilities, small businesses with high-risk or costly investments should consider alternative possibilities.

Single-entry accounting is the simplest kind of accounting. In contrast to the double-entry strategy, there is no need for an expert's help with the single-entry technique. Instead, the bookkeeper must only keep track of one transaction at a time.

A single-entry or double-entry system is the choice of the company owner. You should always seek the opinion of an expert to avoid making errors that might hurt your business.

Using a Double-Entry Accounting Method

The double-entry accounting system is the norm when it comes to keeping track of financial transactions.

Compared to the single-entry system, the double-entry accounting technique is more comprehensive and complicated.

There is an emphasis on debit and credit, implying that each transaction results in debit and a credit to one or more accounts.

Double-entry accounting is standard in larger, more complex businesses. Small businesses with more complex financial needs will also benefit from this interface.

Financial records must be kept up-to-date to provide future predictions, manage assets and obligations, and keep track of existing financial data.

Although the double-entry approach is advantageous in most respects, mastering it without previous experience is a challenge. Additionally, small business owners trying to save costs may not be able to manage the accounting system effectively on their own and may need to hire an accountant. It takes more time and money to maintain this system working smoothly.


Small companies can benefit from accounting software in various ways. Not only does it make bookkeeping more manageable, but it also helps in the management of accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgeting, planning and reporting, and so much more.

Accounting software can offer you an easier and quicker way to manage your accounts and save time. Moreover, you can benefit from the range of available features, including various templates, reports and even the ability to create your invoices.

We can help you balance your approach by providing financial coaching services to assist you in expanding your small business. New Wave Accounting employs some of the best business accountants in the Gold Coast. Get in touch with us now to learn how our end-to-end accounting and bookkeeping services may help you expand your business.

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