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Bookkeeping Made Easy for Health and Beauty Businesses

Opening a business in the health and beauty industry gives you the opportunity to make people look and feel their best while boosting their confidence. Although it’s great that you can make money doing your passion, running such a business can be time-consuming. Besides serving clients, you also need to manage your business finances.

Keeping all of your finances in order can even be more difficult if you take commissions or sell beauty or hair products. Thankfully, you can have control over your finances and determine your business’s financial health by following these tips:

Prepare before Launching Your Business

Even before opening your business’s doors, make sure you have the necessary arrangements to ensure successful bookkeeping practices. Doing this can save you from dealing with headaches down the road. If you have already been operating for several months or years without implementing a proper bookkeeping system, consider hiring an expert to help you organise your finances.

Open a Separate Bank Account

When running your own business, don’t use your personal bank account. Create a new one instead solely for your business. This way, you will have an easier time paying taxes and keeping an eye on your finances. Besides consolidating your expenses and overhead costs, a business account also highlights the authenticity of your operation.

Establish a Ledger

Start documenting all of your current balances, including all sources of income, the payments you make, and the business expense payment types. Don’t forget to keep track of receipts, checks, payslips, invoices, and other documents containing financial information. Having a copy of these values can be helpful in case you’re required to prove your tax returns.

While you can set up a ledger on paper, using a spreadsheet or investing in accounting software can make your task more accurate and less time-consuming. This ledger detailing your profits and losses will be compared with your bank statements seamlessly to help you develop steps to grow your business further.

Set Up a Payroll System

Once you are ready to scale your business and service more clients, you will need to hire employees and expand your payroll system. It is one of the most complicated aspects of running your business, but it is important for saving time, preventing incurring costly penalties, and staying on top of your responsibilities as an employer.

Maintain Up-to-Date Records

Keeping accurate and detailed financial records is key to making your business successful. This is why it’s important to stay disciplined with implementing your bookkeeping system. Make it a habit to document all of your income and expenses regularly.

Hire Professionals

Despite having a well-implemented bookkeeping system, keeping track of your finances can take your time away from serving more clients, making them feel good about themselves, and doing what you love the most. Understandably, accounting is the last thing you want to deal with if you want to keep enjoying your passion. Thankfully, you don’t have to manage this task on your own. You have the option to hire experts to do the work for you.


Whether you are running a beauty salon or spa, you might realise that handling financial responsibilities alone is not an easy task. The good news is that you can simply call in business accountants to lighten your responsibilities and have more time to focus on giving the best possible service to your clients.

If you need help from accountants in Gold Coast, feel free to contact New Wave Accounting. We offer specialised services and advice for health and beauty businesses to help them grow steadily and ensure their operation runs smoothly. Get in touch with us to book a free strategy session!

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