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The Basics: What to Learn about Running a Business

Contrary to popular and mainstream belief, being an entrepreneur doesn’t require a college degree, a lot of money, or even business experience to start the next big thing. You will, however, need a well-thought-out strategy as well as the determination to see things through. Yes, entrepreneurship means trusting the process.

If you're an entrepreneur, you're probably already motivated, but you're not sure where to begin. Starting a business, as any entrepreneur or small business owner will tell you, is a lot of work. Because, first of all, ideas don’t come out of thin air.

While some aspiring entrepreneurs are aware of the time and effort required to launch a business, they may be unaware of the numerous steps required. You must first understand the process if you want to start a business.

Read on to discover the basics and learn more about running a successful business.

Moulding the Idea to Life

You almost certainly already know what you want to sell or, at the very least, which market you want to enter. Find well-established companies in your chosen industry. Learn from current brand leaders and apply their strategies to your own. You've come up with a fantastic idea and are ready to start planning your business.

Another option is to buy a franchise. The idea, brand, and business model are all in place; all that is needed now is a suitable location and funding.

Whatever path you choose, it is critical that you understand your reasoning.

During the ideation process, you must iron out major details. It's time to move on if you're not passionate about the concept or it lacks market potential.

Determine Your Company’s Structure

Each of the four business structures described below has advantages and disadvantages. Your decision has an impact on costs and paperwork, licensing, liability, control level, and taxes.

The following are examples of Australian business structures:

  • The Sole Trader: You are solely liable for your company's debts and losses. You must provide insurance to all employees (except yourself).

  • The Corporation: Additional setup and documentation are required for a corporation. The director (you) and shareholders (those who fund your business) own this structure. You must make super guarantee contributions in addition to your own contributions.

  • The Partnerships: Partnerships are businesses in which partners share profits and losses as well as control. It is simple to set up and use.

  • The Trust: This is a company that invests in real estate for the benefit of others. It is necessary to execute a formal deed, which is prohibitively expensive. In addition, the trustee is in charge of annual administrative tasks.

Keep in mind that your organizational structure may evolve as your company grows. If in doubt, seek the advice of a tax, business, or legal advisor.

Understanding Business Fundamentals

Running a business requires a set of critical skills and key competencies, whether an entrepreneur comes from a family of entrepreneurs or is venturing out on their own.

Key Competencies in Business

Managing a small business often necessitates multitasking. It is critical to identify your current skills and those that will require further training or delegation. Consider the following essential business abilities:

  • Strategic Management: Developing and following a business and strategic plan.

  • Accounting Fundamentals: The basics of implementing a record-keeping system.

  • Financial Management: How to obtain and manage funds.

  • People Management: Hiring and managing employees.

  • Marketing: How to effectively market your company via traditional, web, and social media channels.

  • Sales: How to successfully close a sale while delighting your customers.

  • Operations: Selection and management of suppliers

When it comes to a lack of abilities, you may compensate by hiring people who are exceptionally talented in those areas, hiring business advisors, and learning these critical skills on your own.


The beginning seems to be the hardest part. The notion applies similarly to entrepreneurs who are starting their own businesses. While putting up and running a successful company seems like a daunting task, know that learning and applying the basics can help you achieve your goals in half the time. All you need is the intelligence and determination to begin!

New Wave Accounting is here to help you find the best business accountant on the Gold Coast. With our services, you can grow your business and stand out in your industry. Work with us today!

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