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A Guide to Setting and Reaching Business Goals This 2021

Small businesses have always been a beneficiary of setting goals. The smaller and more attainable the goals are, the more progress they receive in the end. Surviving the pandemic isn’t easy, and there may be more hurdles to come for all Australian-based proprietors. In terms of operations, small and medium enterprises must be on top of finances to make it to next year.

Setting goals for 2021 is essential, as there have been countless challenges that all kinds of companies have faced because of COVID-19. Finances can be kept in line with the help of a small business accountant in the Gold Coast, as places like Queensland require plenty of assistance in the scene. Here are some ways to set goals that are in line with increasing revenue this coming year:

Use Various Metrics to Set Better Goals

There are some aspects of setting objectives that can make them easily attainable and within grasp. First off, specific ones are better, as they provide a way to find paths to solving them. Compare this to having a general goal, and you’ll find that taking steps is more comfortable when your business zeroes in on a target for growth.

Secondly, you’ll want your goals to have a unit of measurement, as these can show you how far you’ve progressed, or regressed. Either way, these will point you in the right direction to make further changes and improvements. It’s also integral to set attainable goals, as going too far out can cause disappointments and other issues. Realistic goals always trump ones set with an egotistical mindset, so be sure to make whatever you’re trying to achieve within reach of a specific timeframe.

Additionally, you’ll need relevant objectives, so think about whether or not the ones you’re setting are in line with what your business is about in the first place. You can also take a look at your financial forecast for the forthcoming year and make adjustments based on this. A small business accountant in the Gold Coast can help you carve a path to relevant goals.

Lastly, goals have to be time-bound, so set a framework for when and where you want to achieve them. You can have long-term and short-term objectives, and meeting each should have a forecasted time to improve business operations.

Goal Lengths

There are three types of goals that should be set by all kinds of companies. Whether it is for overall operations, financial performance, or even growth, these are all great to have, provided they aren’t “out of this world.” Any business accountant knows how essential setting time-based objectives are for overall finances and growth, as all aspects of entrepreneurship go back to money.

Short-term goals are set in the near future, which can typically be the fastest ways to grow or to improve operational efficiency. They might be in the form of securing additional backers, renovations or improving things like customer support. Medium-length goals might take months to a few years to achieve, but these offer the drive to be able to reach better heights in entrepreneurship. These goals are typically in the form of growing the company through more products and services or even crafting new policies. The last are long-term goals, and these are typically only met if the two other types of objectives have been successfully completed. Long-term ones align with your company’s vision and can be the catalyst for considerable improvements in future endeavours after a decade or more.


Setting goals to reach is essential in growing any company. Any small business accountant will also know that achieving goals requires a steady financial status, so keeping everything organised will help with the whole process. Set all kinds of various objectives to be met using multiple criteria, but the essential thing to note is that you must develop these with a realistic mindset in the mix.

The best small business accountants in the Gold Coast are found in New Wave Accounting. Your business can traverse the harsh field of the COVID-19 economy with proper assistance from a professional agent. Trust us in giving your business the best treatment to stay afloat during these difficult times. Contact us today to get started!

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