• Reuben Bergola

8 Ways to Save Time (and Money) in Your Business

Like everyone, business owners are always looking for ways to save time. Every minute spent on admin or fixing mistakes is a minute that could be spent on business-building work.

When time really is money, it’s worth finding ways to reduce those tedious and repetitive tasks – and technology is the answer.

  • Better billing - Billing can be a huge time-waster. Using a digital accounting system to extract data from supplier emails and auto-populate invoices can save hours each week.

  • Streamline expense claims - Use a digital solution to automate the expense claims process, and your team saves time submitting receipts, approving expenses and dealing with mistakes.

  • Reduce human error - Manual data entry is fraught with errors. Eliminate the issues by automating key admin tasks, and spend more time on data analysis, not data entry.

  • Automate approvals - Streamline bank reconciliation with an automated tool, so you don’t waste time manually approving individual transactions.

  • Quicker invoicing - Invoices and late payments take up a huge amount of time. With an automated invoicing platform, that time is reduced significantly – and manual follow-ups for late payment are eliminated.

  • Payroll perfection - Use your accounting software to upload staff details and calculate tax contributions. You’ll not only save significant chunks of time, but you’ll avoid mistakes.

  • Quick, accurate taxes - Digitising the tax process can make a real difference. Instead of Excel spreadsheets, receipts and physical documents, everything is accessible through your software.

  • Better access to business data - With smart software, you get accurate business data wherever you are. No more going back to the office to check a number, getting back to clients with final details, or reworking quotes because the numbers were wrong.

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