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5 Ways Your Small Business Can Improve Cash Flow

Small businesses need a steady availability of cash in order to succeed. This can help owners determine how well their business is doing. If there is a consistent flow of cash that’s also easily available, then it’s a sign that the business is well and healthy. If it regularly runs dry, then you may have to do a little readjusting to be more liquid.

Having a deeper understanding of cash flow will help you manage your business in difficult times, as you’ll know when and where to cut on costs, how to resolve pricing problems, and when to wisely take on more capital.

Here are five ways you can improve your cash flow for your business:

Forecast Your Cash Flow

Having a budget based on the estimated amount of money you expect to go in and out of your business will help you better understand potential financial issues. It can also give you insight into where surpluses or shortages might come up. Creating a cash flow forecast will also help you determine if you have enough to optimize your operations by upgrading your equipment, which will save you some time and money in the long run.

Up and coming businesses should be able to predict their profitability and future cash flow position. Having this information will protect you from unexpected problems that might compromise the efficiency of your operations. It’s always better to be prepared!

Send Your Invoices Properly

Make sure to send your invoices as soon as you can because it also means you’ll get paid faster, ensuring a continuous flow of cash. Review and analyse your payment terms with your clients so you can immediately identify when you’re overdue for payment. This also enables you to implement processes that follow up with clients to make sure that you are paid on time.

You may also want to streamline the payment process for your clients. The easier it is for them to pay you, the more likely they’ll do it in a more timely manner.

Assess Payment Terms with Suppliers

You should also look into assessing your payment terms with suppliers, as these present opportunities for you to negotiate better terms and rates. This can be used to improve your cash flow and even build a friendlier relationship with your suppliers. If you’re amicable enough with each other, they might even provide you with a discount or a complimentary service, which is always beneficial to your business. If you want to build a better relationship with your supplier, start by paying them early. This will cause them to look favourably on you. If you think you can get better rates, shop around for competitive suppliers. This will also save you more cash and increasing its flow in your business.

Keep a Good Relationship With Your Bank

Similar to keeping a good relationship with your supplier, it is also advantageous to keep a positive relationship with your banker. If you meet regularly and discuss the terms of your credit, opportunities for better interest rates, or even reduced fees, you’re likely to find a chance to cut down on costs. If your relationship with your banker is good enough, they might be able to let you in on ways to get a better deal.

Settle Your Tax Obligations Immediately

Settling your tax obligations right away saves you from getting into trouble later on. All these payments, including the forecast income tax and superannuation liabilities, need to be paid on time. Otherwise, you may be liable for late payment and run the risk of being caught by labour inspectors, which could be very costly for your business.


By staying on top of your payment terms and invoices, along with the other tips mentioned, you’ll see a notable difference in your business’s cash flow. You’ll simultaneously take care of other important aspects, like tax obligations, which will help keep your business in tip top shape and reduce stress on your end. Your business will be healthy in no time.

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