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5 Ways Your Accountant Can Help Your Business

Businesses that want to increase their profits change their strategies or practices and realign them to their new financial goals. You are free to raise your marketing bar, improve your business visibility, or change your operating procedures, but never forget to consult your accountant. An accountant can help you grow your business in many ways.

In case you don’t know, here are some of the accountant’s functions that you can utilise for your profit advancement:

Provide your company with a strategy on cost reduction

Part of an accountant’s job is to give you an overview of how your finances move. The role also includes analysing all the expenses you have for operations. From there, your accountant should be able to recommend how your business can save more. One way to do it is by identifying the high expenses based on the industry benchmarks.

Earning a profit from the business should not put a stop to checking your expenses. Your outgoing finances have a significant impact on your business profitability. Once you ignore the company costs and mishandle it, your budget will collapse and so will your profit. Always keep an eye on your money matters, and your accountant can help you with that.

To make the relationship work, your accountant should have the following qualifications:

  • They should have extensive knowledge of your business.

  • They should know your business’s market position.

  • They should use all this information to help you set and achieve realistic budget and revenue targets.

  • They should know how to identify your expenses.

  • They should implement and monitor a feasible budget that is aligned with the company’s goals.

  • They should be able to forecast your sales.

Help you manage your loans

Applying for a loan requires a few skills to make it work, especially for business purposes. If you are planning to get one, your accountant can help you pull your numbers together and create a loan application suitable and ideal for your business. Because they know how money works, they can come up with powerful strategies and tools that would make you a viable client to lenders.

When offers are there, your accountant can help you identify a bad debt from good debt. They can help you choose which among the offers have the lowest interest and repayment flexibility.

In case you already have an existing business loan, and you want to get refinancing, they should be able to help you too in finding which refinancing can help you save more on interest or which is the cheapest option. Once you get extra cash from your refinancing, your accountant can also advise you on how best to use your money depending on your current figures. You can use it to pay loans or use it for your business investments.

Tax Planning

Accountants help in tax preparation, but they can also assist you with tax planning. They can provide you with strategies on how you can save more money from your annual tax bills. You can always use that money to reinvest in your business. Using their knowledge about taxes, your accountant can help you find the most efficient tax structure for your business.

Create Business Plans

When creating a business plan, always consult your accountant for their financial insights. The economy is always unpredictable; that’s why you need to have a flexible business plan that can face any type of challenges, such as recession, high inflation, low-interest rates, and others. Your accountant is the person in charge of managing your cash flow, augmenting your profit, and solving some business issues. They should be proactive in finding opportunities for your business growth.

Price analysis and recommendation

Because your accountant has an overview of your financial situation, they should be able to give you recommendations on which underperforming product or service you can already eliminate. In line with it, they should also help you review your pricing and check whether they are still in tune with the current market expectations. Your accountant should help you evaluate whether your current price tag is working and competitive in the market, as well as assess how else you can maximise it to boost your profit.


Accountants do not merely exist to fix your taxes or ensure your payroll. They have useful insights and financial expertise that can help any business progress. As a business owner, you can team up with your accountants and utilise the knowledge and skills they have to empower and build your business more.

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