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4 Signs Your Bookkeeper Is a Hindrance in Your Company

Updated: May 24, 2021

Business involves maximising your profits and growing your company. Unfortunately, it may not occur to you that your bookkeeper could be slowing you down. Not all bookkeepers are bad at what they do; some are well-trained and will work hard to ensure you succeed. However, some are not up for the task. They can slow down businesses, and if you have the misfortune of working with one of these people, they may hurt your chances of success.

If you suspect your bookkeeper is a hindrance to your growth, here are the signs that they are:

1 - They are hiding the books

Dealing with a bookkeeper who is always hesitant to show you the books? This is the biggest sign that something is up, and it generally points to the fact that they are not doing well. It might be because they have mismanaged your books and do not want you to know. They might also be stealing from you. Demand to see the books, and if they keep denying you, regain the account login credentials and work with a new bookkeeper.

2 - You are facing declined payments

If you are randomly faced with issues like declined payments or even bounced checks, there is something wrong in the books. As such, you should take this up with the bookkeeper to identify what is going on.

Before you make any big purchases, work with the bookkeeper to review your accounts. This is to ensure no problem will hamper the purchase. If, in any way, the bookkeeper does not want to show you the books, consider hiring someone else.

3. They are not proactive at finding answers

Quiet bookkeepers are not suitable for you because they will usually keep problems to themselves. More often than not, these issues will be left unresolved. While you may believe that bookkeeping does not require any sort of critical thinking, the opposite is quite true. There are many challenges to bookkeep properly, and a good bookkeeper is not afraid to ask questions in the search for answers. If your bookkeeper does not ask questions, it is highly probable that they do not care about you and are hurting your business.

4. They are blaming others for issues they face

Any sort of blaming or pointing of fingers are signs that the bookkeeper you are working with does not have that proactive and independent thinking needed to solve problems on their own. It can also be a sign that they are not working hard on your books, let alone care for your business. This is someone you never want to work with, and you will want to find a new bookkeeper to take on the challenge of fixing all the problems instead of blaming other people.


If your bookkeeper shows any of the above signs, it is a good sign that you are working with a bad bookkeeper. This is in no way beneficial for your business. You need someone else who is proactive and shows genuine care to see your business succeed!

That being said, if your bookkeeper shows no signs of the above, but you just have that gut feeling that their work is always wrong or see that they are making the same mistake repetitively, work with someone else! You need someone you can trust, and a bookkeeper that fails to conjure those feelings will lead to nothing but trouble.

New Wave is a small business accountant in Gold Coast offering end-to-end accounting and bookkeeping services to help businesses grow successfully. If you need a bookkeeper you can fully trust to take care of your books, work with us today!

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