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4 Reasons to Hire a Financial Planner - What to Know

While you should definitely pay attention to certain aspects of your life, such as your personal health, your family and personal relationships, and your career, one thing you shouldn’t ever take for granted is your finances. After all, money rules in today’s modern world, and we need money to survive and live.

The problem is that managing your finances can be a little tricky. Chances are, you spend more than what you earn. At times, you either live paycheck to paycheck or run short and end up getting into debt. Lucky are those who earn more, but even with increased wealth, financial planning should always be a requirement.

The critical question is: when do you need to hire a financial planner or an accountant on the Gold Coast? Here are valid reasons to do so:

1. Starting a Family

Starting a family is no easy feat. As far as finances are concerned, you have to factor in two major life milestones: owning your dream home and having a child or two. You also have to consider your child's education, monthly bills, food consumption, and the other miscellaneous expenses of a growing family. That's why even before you take the plunge and get married, it's best to hire a financial planner who can help you manage your finances in starting a family. After all, even the first step, the wedding, can be extremely costly.

2. Retirement

Getting into retirement is no joke. Saving for retirement requires a huge cut of your finances, unless you've secured retirement benefits and have other financial resources. Key factors to consider when retiring include your financial readiness, social security, and various retirement accounts. As your lifestyle will be totally different after having retired and managing your finances can be tricky, hiring a financial planner will inevitably help you in the long run.

3. High Net Worth

The best time to hire a financial planner is when you have a high net worth. Unfortunately, many individuals take this opportunity to splurge on material things, and they end up with little to no savings at all. When an emergency comes around, you'll be surprised at how these people end up with nothing to shell out. If you're earning big, now is the time to hire a financial planner who can assist you in saving up and growing your financial resources. Your hired planner will most likely advise you to invest in business, stocks, and life insurance, among many others.

4. Self-Employment

If you're self-employed and are running a business, you have a different set of financial questions and opportunities. You have to factor in growing your business, taking care of your employees, and making huge expenses. It's best to hire a small business accountant if you own a small-scale business to manage your business finances. On a more personal level, a financial planner will help you separate your business and personal expenses.


If your financial situation is relatively simple and you want to manage your personal finance, there are plenty of helpful resources out there that can help you. However, nothing beats hiring a financial expert or an accountant on the Gold Coast who can make a difference in your finances.

When it comes to money, it's better to be over prepared rather than underprepared. As discussed above, it is all the more crucial to get a financial planner when you're starting a family, going into retirement, earning big, or running a business.

If you're looking for a business accountant on the Gold Coast for your financial planning, get in touch with us today! We're happy to help.

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