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3 Tips To Maintain a Positive Cash Flow for Small Businesses

One of the basic goals of a small business is to thrive and grow. In order to achieve this, you have to set-up a steady cash flow that can start facilitating this movement. While accounting services may seem like the last thing on anyone’s mind, it is through this that you can properly keep track of your profits.

Cash flow, in a gist, is the amount of money that flows in to and out of your business. While these may seem like ordinary numbers that move around in your business, taking note of the trends it makes can go a long way into scaling your business. It is for this reason that the help of a qualified business accountant is well-sought after.

To help you in this regard, here are three tips to maintain a positive cash flow moving through your small business.

Keep your books well kept and organized

Many business owners downplay bookkeeping as a minor task that can always be put off till later—and these self-same owners face themselves with heaps of trouble later on. Bookkeeping is a tedious but necessary task, it allows you to keep yourself updated to your cash flow while assuring that you’re receiving the right amount of money at the appropriate times.

What many don’t realize is that it’s incredibly easy to lose track of who should be paying whom. By taking on the help of a professional bookkeeping service, you get to stay ahead and assure that your profit is staying on the positive end—thus allowing you to maneuver your strategies if necessary.

Create a proper credit control system

By having a decent credit control system in place, you assure that your clients and customers get to pay for your services within the appropriate period. If one isn’t set place from the development of the business, then it can lead to troubling lapses later on that will lose you large amounts of profit.

A majority of your clients will be ready to pay for your services, you will just have to remind them. With a good bookkeeping process, you will readily see which clients need to be tapped, and if a debt recovery service is necessary to be contacted.

Have appropriate cash-flow forecasting

The greatest benefit you can get from hiring a skilled business accountant lies in their capability of giving you a cash-flow forecast. Cash-flow forecasting distinguishes the trends of your money flow, predicting with a high certainty where your expenses will lie in the near future. Through this, you can plan ahead of the problems and resolve them before they become major issues.

This isn’t only for avoiding problems, but it is also for money saving in general. By identifying outrageous expenses, you can redirect your money for more efficient use of your business budget.


Knowing a bit about where your money goes can help you maintain and scale your business accordingly. Accounting, after all, isn’t merely about keeping track of the flow of money, but it is also about using that information to strategically direct your business to the most efficient use of your budget.

Are you looking for a business accountant for small businesses on the Gold Coast? Get in touch with us today and let us give you the accounting service you need to stay ahead.

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