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3 Qualities to Look for in Finance and Accounting Professionals

As a seasoned business owner, you might be familiar with the age-old saying that a company will only run well if the team members that comprise it are of high-quality as well.

From the directors at the top, all the way to the bottom line, each team member involved in a business’s operations needs to be of top quality if you want to see amazing results and growth in the long run. Key qualities like leadership, attention to detail, dedication, and integrity are some of the many desirable qualities that any business owner should look for when trying to construct their team of professionals. This makes it essential to know what traits to look out for during the hiring process!

While it may be clear that there is a set of desirable qualities that one should watch out for when sifting through candidates, there’s one question that many owners still struggle with: “What are the qualities I should look for when finding the best people in finance and accounting?

The qualities to watch out for

As the backbone of any business’s long-term success and continued stability, the finance and accounting professionals that comprise your business’s numbers must be of paramount quality. Seeing that there is barely any room for error, it’s vital to ensure that all the necessary steps are taken when sorting out high-quality candidates that want to help build your business.

Fortunately, finding the right finance and accounting professionals doesn’t have to be a lengthy effort as long as you keep your eyes peeled for these three crucial qualities:

Quality #1: They need to have insightful and analytical thinking

Among all the qualities that you need to watch out for when hiring a professional for your team, none could possibly be more important than the vital trait of insightful and analytical thinking.

As opposed to other parts of running a business, the task of successfully and properly handling its numbers entails a systematic mental approach that’s complemented by out-of-the-box thinking for cost-saving and optimisation. This particular trait is important because professionals that turn businesses into top-performing corporations need to be skilled enough to spot patterns in arbitrary data and draw valuable insights. Quality #2: They must possess a solutions-oriented mindset When it comes to building a rigid and dependable financial system that’s well-worth depending on, it’s vital that your team is comprised of professionals who are dedicated to devising solutions instead of solely reporting numbers.

Rather than looking at various problems or constraints as barriers that need to be overcome with bare-minimum effort, dependable professionals see opportunities to create flexible solutions that cater to long-term goals. Only a select few accounting firms in Australia—such as New Wave Accounting—are comprised of team members that possess this very line of thinking, making it one that must be sought out with absolute determination.

Quality #3: They must be leaders by nature

With an entire company’s future and numbers on their backs, financial and accounting professionals must also possess the ability to stand up for proper practices and steer team members in the right direction. If you overlook the importance of seeking this crucial component when sifting through applicants, you may end up missing out on a crucial opportunity to reach your goals and advance on objectives!


If you’re looking for the right professionals to trust your company’s future with, then it’s safe to say that your candidates need to have the right qualities with them. By taking the time to keep your eyes peeled for the three game-changing qualities mentioned above, you can effectively shorten your list and make sure that your money and data will be well taken care of!

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