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3 Common Financial Management Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid

In any business or operation, learning how to manage your finances is essential if you want to see success in the form of guaranteed, long-term results. Whether you’re a small-time restaurant, an internationally-traded corporation, or a full-fledged production company, having your numbers intact is a prerequisite for financial gains. From taking on crucial practices and accurately recording transactions to recognising and computing for liquidity ratios, the list of different ways to ensure that your business’ finances are properly managed is nearly endless.

Out of all the different factors and components that you’ll need to consider when managing your company’s numbers, there’s one aspect that should be dealt with accordingly: The mistakes to avoid.

Common business finance blunders that prove ineffective

For the majority of Australian business owners, many find themselves at the risk of committing simple, yet costly mistakes because they don’t know about these common blunders. However, preventing yourself from losing thousands of dollars on mix-ups and mistakes alone can be easily avoided by watching out for these three common pitfalls:

Mistake #1: Sticking to high fixed costs unnecessarily

One of the biggest financial hurdles that put the majority of Aussie businesses at great risk is the common mistake of sticking to or maintaining high fixed costs.

While the saying may be that running a company is by no means cheap, putting your business through the rough patch of shelling out a fortune for high fixed costs is an unnecessary step you should avoid. For instance, your biggest sources of this problem might be disproportionately exaggerated employee salaries, high mortgage costs, and unagreeable office rent expenses.

When going over your fixed costs, consider reevaluating non-essential items that can either be cut out completely, reduced, or swapped out for an alternative that’s far more cost-effective! Mistake #2: Failing to create a dependable budget Among the different mistakes that you can make when optimising your business’s costs and properly managing its finances, none could possibly be more damaging than not having a well-planned budget in place.

Although it may not seem like much at first, your business’s budget is essentially what pulls all your finances together and keeps everything in line for better cash flow and financial stability. Before you start to think about optimising your liquidity ratios or tweaking your cost-saving strategies, it’s vital that you build a dependable budget that will help you allocate your resources in the best way possible! Mistake #3: Being too stubborn to outsource an accountant’s help

Beyond a lack of a budget and high fixed costs, another common pitfall that many make when managing their business’s finances is that they don’t ask for help when they clearly need it.

As much as you’d like to be as hands-on as possible with everything in your business, it’s best to admit that you may not have the skills or capabilities to maintain your finances and books. By bringing in the services of a dependable outsourced accountant and bookkeeper—such as New Wave Accounting—you can avoid potential blunders and make sure that you keep your numbers in check!


When it comes to handling your financial management to help your business grow, it’s vital that you don’t overlook the key task of getting familiar with common mistakes and avoiding them. By taking note of and avoiding the three common financial management pitfalls mentioned above, you can make sure that your operations are headed in the right direction without any costly and inconvenient risks along the way! We're a small business accounting firm in the Gold Coast that specialises in various services, such as company set-ups, outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services, and Xero consultancy. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help keep your business in peak financial shape!

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