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How to Make Your Restaurant Business Become More Efficient

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Guests will always walk into your restaurant with certain expectations. From arriving, to ordering from the menu, to putting down their utensils after their last bite, there is plenty of room for something to happen that will either spark a stellar review or a horrendous viral post.  Gold Coast Accountants are pretty sure you want the former than the latter.

But the reality is that in the restaurant business, things aren’t always as good as they were–back when you were just starting out and all excited about your plans coming to a fruition. As the years add up, you may find that customers are no longer getting their food fast enough; or your employees keep feeling like things aren’t as organized.  With all these factors, improved efficiency is always optimal.

So now let’s talk about this 7 accounting in Restaurant Industry tips on how you can tighten up the operations in your restaurant to ensure an efficient business.

  1. Review processes

Your restaurant processes and procedures are one of the core foundations that make your business successful. So make sure it’s always efficient and effective. Take a look at the steps your restaurant has to follow to get the menu done and delivery service. This should include from the time the product is delivered in the back all the way through prep, cooking, assembly, and delivery of service. You can apply process mapping as this will give you key insights into where your processes work and where they are lacking.

  1. Create workstations in the kitchen

Speaking of efficient procedures, your kitchen should definitely be an organized abode. To prevent bottlenecks from happening, your kitchen should have clear work spaces carved out for different duties. The key is to make sure that the food stays safe and not contaminated and that staff is not all trying to use the same space and equipment at the same time. Cross-contamination of food is a serious concern for guests with food allergies.

  1. Assess your products

It’s easy to deliver your menu to satisfied customers when it’s not a busy time of the day. But when you see customers piling up, waiting for their orders to be served, that’s when the real challenge of a restaurateur begins. That’s a good problem, though, but make sure to rise to the occasion. Check to see if all dishes can be produced efficiently even when your restaurant is busy to ensure your guests receive quality food and service. If you find that some dishes are too hard to prepare during busy times, consider replacing them with simpler offerings.

  1. Invest in your staff

Another important ingredient for an efficient and successful kitchen is highly-skilled and hard-working staff. For that, you need to be willing to invest time and money in hiring and training the best kitchen crew possible.  If you show your staff that you want to help them be the best they can be in their job, then they will work hard for you and remain loyal. An example you can do to maintain a high level of efficiency and profitability while still having fun is to run a contest with the front of house staff based on the quickest table turns largest average check size or even the highest number of wine bottles sold.

  1. Promote a culture of open communication

It’s important that your employees feel comfortable and even willing to voice their concerns/opinions and give feedback. You can’t possibly see everything that’s happening in your business, so it’s important to take time to ensure your employees are comfortable with you or your management so they can feel confident in voicing their concerns. Ultimately, allowing your employees to inspire new and fresh ideas will help you to solve problems and improve efficiency.

  1. Consider when it’s best to downsize your layout

Remember this: the bigger space, the more employees, energy, construction costs, and repair and maintenance will cost you, in addition to the fact that delivering good service and hospitality will be more challenging. Inefficiency in the physical space will drive inefficiencies in the other areas, like service and operating cost, so it is important to analyze these elements. If you feel that your restaurant has too much unnecessary space, then it’s probably best to downsize.

  1. Consult with the experts about your cash flow

You can further improve efficiency and scale your business by seeking the help of an expert to plan goals and implement budgets.  Here at New Wave Accountants Gold Coast, we will assist you in creating a strategy to help your restaurant business grow, become more sustainable, systemized and have scalability. With our team of accountants and business experts, we will make sure that you reach your goals through strategic accounting and bookkeeping and keep you motivated through the everyday issues you face in running a restaurant.

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