We do everything we can so that our clients pay the least amount of tax legally possible


Whether you like it or not, tax is a part of all of our lives.  Our goal is to learn about every aspect of your business, family, investments and structures so that we can do two things – minismise tax and still be able to reach your goals. We make the tax and financial statement preparation process as simple and efficient as possible so that you can focus on your business.


If you’re a business who is registered for GST or PAYG then you would more than likely be required to lodge business activity statements.  We can assist with the stress of making sure lodgement and payment is made on time and that you have maximised your claim. Don’t fall into the trap of late payments and being unable to pay your BAS.


Tax planning assists business owners understand and estimate their tax prior to the end of financial year.  This means that owners can plan and create strategies with their accountant to minimise tax and maximise any opportunity.  Tax planning is usually undertaken in the last quarter of the financial year and is built within our fixed fee packages.

We have found that 60% of most businesses have been paying too much tax! Let us do a FREE TAX REVIEW. If we find an opportunity we can go back and amend tax returns.

Why New Wave?

Every week we take on new clients with the same issues:

  • I dont understand my structure;
  • I think i’m paying too much tax;
  • I never hear from my accountant;
  • I scared to call my accountant being they charge me for every call.

We believe that today’s client are looking for a solution that is more than just tax advice.  We also believe that with the available technology such as Xero and Quickbooks Online accountants can deliver higher value services that impact on profitability and growth instead of focusing on historical figures.  The team at New Wave have designed a service that not only focuses on minimising tax but also looks at the business and the owner as a whole to ensure that goals are met.

"We take a holistic approach to each client. Our clients consistently see more profit, better cash flow and less tax."