This service is accounting for decision making. So many times we hear from clients who are looking for more advice on their business figures apart from Tax.  They ask questions such as: Where is my profit? What are my margins on sales? How long can the business last with the cash flow that it has? How is the business tracking compared to others in the industry? This is when you need an Accounting Advisor, not just a tax agent.

Maintaining a healthy business

A part of our business growth advisory is ensuring that you understand how financial statements work in layman terms.  Nothing fancy, just enough so that you understand the basic concepts of how it all works.

Using a simple analogy, we can compare the financial statements of a business to your body.  The balance sheet can be compared to your body itself, and the profit and loss is how fast the body can run.  For your body to run faster, it needs to be fit and healthy.  The same goes for your business the balance sheet needs to be in tip top shape so that the profit and loss can be performing at its peak.

We would be your own personal trainer, making sure that 1) your business health is well maintained and 2) that your sales, expenses and profit are performing where it should be.

Accountants that look forward, not back

Our accountants help you make informed decision in your small business. Tax Accounting is generally based on historical figures, focusing on prior year financial statements. Although these are still useful and essential for planning, it does not allow for accurate future projections. Future forecasts using real time figures will allow your business to have a great indication of where you are heading, where you want to be and if anything needs to be done in between.

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Key Performance Indicators

Clients who are our advisory services generally meet with us either quarterly or monthly whether it be in our office on the Gold Coast or through a face to face web meeting.  We go through the key numbers that will make the most impact for running a great and successful small business.

This includes both Financial KPI’s such as casfhlow, expenses, inventory and sales and also Non Financial KPI’s for example marketing, productivity, and customer satisfaction. The goal is to set attainable targets that lead the business to their short and long term goals.

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This service is a two way relationship, in that we will put in the work to figure our the essential numbers, but you will commit to sticking by your KPI’s, goals and making a positive change within your business.  Action speaks louder than words, we can speak all day about your figures but with your participation the business will not grow.  For this we recommend clearing out 1 to 2 hours each month or quarter to meet with us and go through your strategy calls.

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