Business Growth, Advisory & Mentoring Services

Run your business like a well-oiled machine.
We help you figure out the issues within your business then create business growth strategies to allow you business to grow and scale.
Our Business Growth, Advisory & Mentoring Services are specialized services that traditional dinosaur accountants do not provide
Our service involves providing you with the right analytics and data, to arm you in making profit-making business decisions.
Too many times do we hear new clients who are crying out for more advice on their businesses financial health, not just their tax position.  They ask questions such as:
  • Where is my profit?
  • How do I grow my profit?
  • How long can the business last with the money it has in the bank?
  • How is our business tracking compared to others in the industry?
  • How much is my business worth?
This is when you need an Accounting Advisor, not just a tax agent.
Our clients who have engaged in New Wave’s virtual CFO & advisory services have seen profit gains of up to 300%. The biggest factor being strategic forward planning and accountability to ensure goals are being met.
Book a consult to find out how you can benefit from our 'outside-the-square' services to grow & scale your business.
  • Business Growth Strategies


    There are two types of small business owners:

    1. those who work “in” the business; and

    2. those that work “on” it.  


    For those who work “in” rather than "on", tend to create a business that revolves around them, never finding time to work “on” the business and to focus on growth.  


    Our business advisors will assist in creating a strategy to help your business grow without you “in” the business.


    Why is this important? Because a successful business should be able to run without relying on key people.  


    It should be sustainable, have scalability and can be replicated into new businesses.

  • Tax Planning & Minimisation

    The more you earn or profit, the more tax you generally have to pay. 

    Our goal is to ensure that you are not paying more tax to the ATO then you legally have to. 

    Our 'outside the square' strategies allow us to plan for the tax before they become a cashflow nightmare.

    We can also provide you with a second opinion.  In most cases we have found that new clients that we have taken onboard have paid too much in tax.  

    Our biggest success story was saving a client over $188k in overpaid tax which we were able to reverse and recover. 

  • Cash Flow Forecasts and Budgets

    Cash flow is one of the most important factors which determines whether a business succeeds or fails. Unfortunately, most business owners focus on Sales and Revenue and forget about the importance of "cash in the bank" 


    Without accurate cash flow planning and projections,  it causes business owners to 'fly blind'.  Continuously dodging and weaving cash speed bumps in their business.

    Cash is the air that all small businesses needs to survive. This service allows you to ensure you are to managing your cash flow effectively to improve your chances of long term success.  


    We assist our clients with cash flow planning, forecasting, and strategies.

  • Healthy Profitable Businesses


    An integral part of our business growth advisory that we provide to clients is ensuring that you understand how financial statements work in layman terms.


    Nothing fancy, just the right information you need to make the right decisions. 

    Using a simple analogy, we sometimes compare the financial statements of a business to your body. 


    The balance sheet can be compared to your body, and the profit and loss represent how fast your body can run.  For your body to run faster, it needs to be fit and healthy.  The same goes for your business, the balance sheet needs to be in tiptop shape so that the profit and loss can be performing at its peak.

    We would be your own personal trainer, making sure that 1) your business health is well maintained and 2) that your sales, expenses, and profit are performing where it should be.

  • Proactive, Forward-Looking Advisory


    Our accountants help you make informed decisions in your small business.


    Tax accounting is generally based on historical figures, focusing on prior year financial statements. Although these are still useful and essential for planning, it does not allow for accurate future projections.


    Future forecasts using real-time figures will allow your business to have a great indication of where you are heading, where you want to be and if anything needs to be done in between.

  • Key Performance Indicators


    This service is a two-way relationship.


    Our team of Gold Coast Accountants will do the hard work in figuring out the essential numbers that need to be tracked, monitored and reviewed.  


    You as the business owner will be required to commit to sticking to your target KPI’s, goals and making a positive change within your business.


    Action speaks louder than words, we can speak all day about your figures but without your participation and implementation of our strategies, the business will not grow and move forward.  For this, we recommend clearing out 1 to 2 hours each month or quarter to meet with us and go through your strategy calls.

Why New Wave?

Every month we take on multiple new clients with these same concerns:

  • I don't understand my structure;
  • I think I'm paying too much tax;
  • I never hear from my accountant;
  • I not sure how much money my business is making.
We believe that today’s client is looking for a service provides more than just tax advice.  We also believe that with the available technology such as Xero Bookkeeper and Quickbooks Accountants Gold Coast can deliver higher-value services that impact on profitability and growth instead of focusing on historical figures. The team of New Wave Accountants has designed a service that not only focuses on minimizing tax but also to ensure that the business will grow and scale. Higher revenue, more profit and less tax.
Businesses that we find pay too much tax
Largest refund found for overpaid taxes
"We take a holistic approach toward each of our business clients. Our clients consistently experience more profit, improved cash flow, and less tax."
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