Take the stress out of payroll with our cloud based payroll solutions.


There are two types of businesses owners, those who work “in” the business and those that work on it.  For those who work “in” rather than on tend to create a business that revolves around them, never finding time to work “on” the business and to focus on growth.  Our business advisors will assist in creating a strategy to help your business grow without you “in” the business. Why is this important? Because a successful business should be able to run without relying on key people.  It should be sustainable, have scalibility and can be replicated Australia wide.


Here at New Wave, we believe in finding out clients “Why”.  Without knowing yours and your businesses why lead you to a path with uncertain directions.  This ultimately hinders your businesses ability to grow.  Without a why, you can set goals, but are they are they the right ones? We live by the saying “people buy, WHY you do what you do, not WHAT you do. We have assisted our clients find their WHY which has led to huge growth and self fulfillment with their lives.


Cash flow management is one of the most important factors to whether a business succeeds or fails.  If you do not plan or get this one wrong you and your business will most likely not reach its goals fast.  Cash flow is what runs your business so make sure you are working closely to manage and improve your cash flow.  We assist our clients with cash flow planning, forecasting and strategies to improve cash flow.

Our clients are finding big improvements in time savings and efficiency gains. Transition to the cloud today and move forward with your business.

Why New Wave?

Every week we take on new clients with the same issues:

  • I dont understand my structure;
  • I think i’m paying too much tax;
  • I never hear from my accountant;
  • I scared to call my accountant being they charge me for every call.

We believe that today’s client are looking for a solution that is more than just tax advice.  We also believe that with the available technology such as Xero and Quickbooks Online accountants can deliver higher value services that impact on profitability and growth instead of focusing on historical figures.  The team at New Wave have designed a service that not only focuses on minimising tax but also looks at the business and the owner as a whole to ensure that goals are met.

"We take a holistic approach to each client. Our clients consistently see more profit, better cash flow and less tax."