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Welcome to New Wave Business Solutions' blog. Here you can find amazing insights on tax, cloud software and small business tips and tricks. 

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How to Make Your Restaurant Business Become More Efficient

By Social Media | Oct 19, 2017

Guests will always walk into your restaurant with certain expectations. From arriving, to ordering from the menu, to putting down their utensils after their last…

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How to Reduce Small Business Debt

By Social Media | Oct 12, 2017

Keeping your business afloat takes perseverance and a lot of hard work. It’s often a hit or miss–some succeed in one go, but others often…

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4 Debt Management Apps to Get Clients Pay their Bills (so you can pay yours)

By Reuben Bergola | Sep 17, 2017

Debtors and late-payers—the bane of every business owner. No matter how profitable your business is, it won’t survive without good cash flow (contact your Gold…

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Managing Receipts: How Small Businesses are Banishing Bookkeeping Boredom

By Reuben Bergola | Aug 29, 2017

Gold Coast Accountants and Bookkeepers – The New Wave of Small Business Advisory They say only two things are certain in life: death and taxes.…

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Business Owners: Are you an entrepreneur? Or just a technician?

By Reuben Bergola | Aug 21, 2017

“You need to work on your business, not just in your business.” Made popular by The E-Myth Revisited author Michael Gerber, it’s advice I’m sure…

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Chameleon Contractors: When a Contractor Becomes an Employee, and a Liability

By newwave | Aug 3, 2017

In a lot of situations, hiring a contractor to get a particular job done makes perfect sense. It may require expertise or skills none of…

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Five Tips from an Accountant to Get Your Books Into Shape

By Reuben Bergola | Jul 30, 2017

Today I found a great article in that I know many of you will enjoy reading or possibly relate to. The original article can…

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A Wave to Watch

By Reuben Bergola | Jul 30, 2017

We are very excited to share with you all a special write up about New Wave! A WAVE TO WATCH | Firm of the Future Finalist…